Projects - Kitchen

After most of the painting was finished in the rest of the house
we turned our attention to the kitchen.  For the most part the
kitchen was in decent shape; it just needed some serious
updating.  Abbie started to peel up the 1' x 1' self-sticky floor
tiles with a heat gun and wallpaper blade. The floor seemed a
little more formidable than we previously had thought, but
Abbie stuck to her guns and managed to remove everything.  
The Pergo flooring was the first project for the kitchen, which
our friend Pat and I hammered out in one weekend.  Next were
the cabinets, which I was originally going to replace with new
ones, but decided to revive the old one.  The original cabinets
were homemade maple one, which had seen their fair share of
abuse.  Dogs had chewed three of the base cabinet doors to the
point of uselessness and water damage from the sink
overflowing has caused damage to some of the door supports.  
We set out on a plan in order to save the cabinets and decided
to go for a more contemporary look with black stain on the
doors and a varnish finish for the base.  The old hardware was
replaced with sleek brushed nickel hardware and the counter
will be topped with beige marble tile.  The old splash guard was
replaced with a new vintage tin ceiling material that was also
finished in a brushed nickel look
Our Friend Pat Installing the Flooring
The New Floor Looks Great!
Pergo Does Wonders!
The New Look of the Cabinets
Cabinets and Tin Ceiling Backsplash