It's that time again. We will be holding our annual EarlFest over Memorial Day weekend
again and the usual suspects are cordially invited. Abbie should have contacted all of
you regarding what to bring up for provisions.  As most of you know, planning this event
can become a huge logistical nightmare and by having everyone assigned to a certain
item, helps make the weekend more manageable. This is our 4th year and we hope
to keep this going strong, maybe we can add a drunken woodmen's olympic competition.
Beer and chainsaws, oh my!  

What to Bring:

Bug Spray (trust me on this one)
Clothes (were on top of a mountain, it gets cold up there)
Whatever Abbie asked you to bring
Got Wood? Were having a bonfire, need I say more?
Tarps for the tents (we have some spares if you need one)

News Items:

If anyone has a gas powered water pump we could borrow for the weekend, please let me know. Thanks

There will be the annual Canoe Regatta in Bainbridge if anyone is interested:

Also the Binghamton Mets will have a game on Sunday night with fireworks:
Here's the Skinny
Fire Pit - Weather permitting we
would like to have a large
bonfire, so if possible please
bring scrap wood with you.
The Lodge
EarlFest 2010 ~ Spring